Abomination no. 33: Red Ronin

Abomination no. 33: Red Ronin

Thu Jun 01, 2017 10:53 am
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This Cybernetically enhanced assassin is the leader and commander of the Shadow Echelon. Red Ronin is a master strategist, tremendous swordsman and Martial Artist, and he's a total Psycho. Even though he propably comes from Europe, he has a real fixation on Japanese culture and warcraft, and is an avid follower of Bushido, Samurai's Code of Honor. When he's not slicing fools into tiny little pieces with his katana, he likes to train and meditate in his dojo, eat sushi, and watch anime. He doesn't say much, but when he talks, it's usually some enigmatic non sequiturs and riddles, spoken in a manner of a classic haiku. Red Ronin's weapon of choice is his sword, but he has a real arsenal built into his robotic suit of armor, Lasers, mini missiles, bombs and blades, you name it. Oh, and don't even think of calling him a weeaboo, or making fun of his pillow waifu. Just Don't. He will destroy you for that.
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