Bravery Friendship Quest!

Bravery Friendship Quest!

Mon Oct 08, 2012 1:35 pm
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BRAVERY FRIENDSHIP QUEST! [Yūki No Yūjō Kuesuto!, 勇気の友情クエスト!] is the continuing adventures of Chuku [Chūkū Shiawase, 中空幸せ], an optimistic laser-breathing ghost; Sir Feebly [Yowai Kishi, 弱い騎士], an electric floating panda knight; and Nekobi [Muryoku Neko, 無力猫], a wizard who accidentally turned himself into a cat (and, being now a cat and no longer a wizard, lacks any possible way of turning himself back or even communicating effectively with anything but other cats).

Now at 14,560 episodes and counting. Not much has happened so far but it's a Quest nonetheless.

*Made entirely with SP-Studio*
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