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Omarr Gruff

Tue Feb 28, 2012 1:21 am
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After beginning his career with brief stints in shortlived cult metal bands Lard Barge, Sickhead Badleg, and The Fist Princes, multi-instrumentalist Omarr Gruff joined up-and-coming press favourites Diptheria Trip on rhythm guitar.

Within a year he'd fired the whole band and taken the helm himself, going on to win enormous acclaim - including cleaning up at the prestigious Smashed Face awards two years running. However, it wasn't long before Omarr's reputation for control-freakery meant virtually no one was willing to play alongside him in the Diptheria Trip live show any more, and eventually the band petered out...

*Made entirely with SP-Studio. Originally uploaded 7th October 2011*
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