Forum updates

The SP-Studio forum & gallery were offline for 3 days because I had to fix some things. But this time was also used for two new additions:

The Off Topic area has new forums now. The big media forum was splitted into “TV, Movies & Literature” and “Computers, Videogames & Music”. And “The Arcade” is introduced for forum games. Those often lead to spam, so from now on your replies in this area will not be added to your post count. Please make sure to follow the rules of the games anyway to keep it fun for everybody :).

Another change was made to the forum index page. Now you can see the title of the recently active topic in every subforum. This way you have a better overview on what the members recently discussed.

Haven’t been a member of the forum yet? Register now! You can show your pictures, join contests and discuss whatever you want with other SP-Stduio fans. It’s for free, you just need to pick a nickname.


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