May I use the pictures for …?

Allowed Private use of the images created on is allowed. You can print them, use them for single T-Shirts, wallpapers or Birthday cards. School projects are fine too. But remember this: Always mention where the images come from! For example if you show SP-Studio pictures on your private homepage, Facebook, blog or in a message board add a link to It doesn’t matter if you add it to the picture or in a comment. You are allowed to use them for videos or comics too, as long as you give me credit and do not earn money wit them.
Avatars, profile pictures and other small images do not need a backlink. But of course I am happy if you tell your friends about where you created them.

Forbidden The commercial use of pictures created on is forbidden. You are not allowed to sell them, use them for advertising, logotypes or products (selling fake merchandising). Copyright infringements are against the law! Even if I do not sue you the producers of South Park might. So be very careful with what you do.

If you use my drawings for your own projects it would be fair to consider a small donation to support me and the SP-Studio. Thanks!

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