How do the Contests work?

Each month there is a new SP-Studio picture contest about a defined topic. You can find the current and finished contests in the Contest Gallery. From the 1st to the 20th of the month registered members can upload pictures to the current contest album. After that all approved pictures appear in the gallery and every member can rate them with 1-5 stars. You can alos write comments. During the vote the names of the artists are hidden. The best rated pictures win and enter the Hall of Fame.


  • Of course the picture must be created at and fit the topic of the current contest.
  • No editing with additional software! No effects, color change, zooming. Just SP-Studio pictures.
  • You are allowed to rotate the picture or to use the PNG file format instead of JPG.
  • Add a fitting English title & description (optional). You can link to reference pictures. No text like “VOTE!!!”.
  • If you upload more than one picture for a contest the newest counts and the others are deleted.
  • When the voting starts registered members can rate the pictures (1-5 stars) until the end of the month.
  • Vote fair! Do not manipulate results by telling friends to give you 5 stars and others 1 star. I will ban you for this.


  • 1st place: Make a wish for a new SP-Studio item and I will draw and include it.
  • 1st to 5th place: You win your own User Gallery to easily share your pictures with the community.
  • Janina’s Choice: If there are many entries I might pick one additional person, if I think he/she deserves a user gallery.

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