How do the Contests work?

Each month there is a new SP-Studio picture contest about a defined topic. Visit the contest page to learn more about the current contest and submit your picture. The results of finished contests can be seen in the Hall of Fame.


  • Create a SP-Studio picture about the topic of the current contest.
  • No editing with additional software! No effects, color change, zooming,…
  • Upload your picture on the contets page until the 20th of the month.
  • If you prefer this way you can send me an email or Facebook / Forum message instead.
  • If you upload more than one picture for a contest the newest counts and the others are deleted.
  • On the 21st the pictures are shown in a Facebook gallery and te voting starts.
  • Until the end of the month you can like your favorite pictures in the Facebook gallery or forum.
  • The winner gets a free wish for a SP-Studio update of his choic.

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