How can I save bigger pictures?

Do you need a higher resolution? Maybe because you want to print your picture or use it as a desktop wallpaper? There are two solutions:

  • If you use a screen with a high resolution this should work for you: Open the SP-Studio swf-file without the surrounding website. This might look strange, but it lets you create your character in a bigger size without quality loss. To save it in this size you have to make a screenshot. If you do not know how to do this please check out the F.A.Q. entry “How can I save pictures in better quality?”.
  • If you need an even bigger picture: You can zoom into it by pressing the right mouse button and selecting “zoom”. I am not sure what’s the English description, but it is the first word on top of the list. Make a screenshot. Then zoom back and select another part of your picture. Zoom, screenshot… and so on. When you have collected screenshots of every zoomed in area of your picture you can combine them in Paint or Photoshop like a mosaic. This is a lot of work but you get your picture in a huge resolution.

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