1) COPYRIGHTS: Important legal information

Is this an official South Park website?

This is NO official South Park website. The art style is based on this TV show, but I am just a fan. It is a noncommercial project I created in my spare time. Some think it is official, because it became very popular, was the first Flash game of its kind and still is the biggest one. It was even used for promotion on the official South Park website and they recycled my code and some drawings to create their own version. But I do not work for them and don’t get payed. And… No, unfortunately I do not know how to contact Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

May I use the pictures for …?


  • Personal use of SP-Studio pictures without publishing them. Saving, editing, printing at home,…
  • Using SP-Studio pictures as profile pictures. For Facebook, Twitter, forums, YouTube channels,…
  • Designing personal presents which are not sold. Greeting / invitation cards, single printed shirts,…


  • Sharing the pictures on other websites is allowed, but always mention SP-STUDIO.DE as the source when you show a picture.
    Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, forums, Instagram, DeviantArt…
  • The same goes for using the pictures as part of your own project – as long as you do not earn money with this project.
    Videos, webcomics, private homepages, promos for small bands…
  • Using the pictures for advertisment is only allowed if you promote a school project or charity.


  • Commercial use of the pictures is strictly forbidden. Logos, advertising, commercial websites,…
  • This includes selling the pictures or designing products (for example t-shirts) with them. Ebay, Amazon marketplace…
  • Be fair! Never claim SP-Studio pictures to be your own art / drawings. Contests, DeviantArt,…
  • Don’t steal the files. If you want to link to this page link to SP-STUDIO.DE – not to the Flash files.

Copyright infringements are against the law! Even if I do not sue you the producers of South Park might. So please be very careful with what you do.

You are allowed to remove the watermark (a button for this can be found in the save screen), because I believe you will support my work voluntarily if you like it. If you remove the watermark, please make sure to mention sp-studio.de otherwise when sharing the picture.

If you use my drawings for your own projects you might consider a small donation to support me and the SP-Studio. This is voluntarily as well, but I ask for it because this is the only way I can keep this website running. Thanks!

Are other websites allowed to include the SP-Studio?

NO. Nobody is allowed to copy the SP-Studio (or parts of it) without my permission.
Please show some respect for the many years of work I put into this and do not steal the files. I created the SP-Studio and so the legal situation is clear. Right now no other website is allowed to use it, because I want to keep it here. I made some very bad experiences in the past… people tried to trick me and make money out of my work. So I hope you understand my reasons.
Unfortunately there are people out there who show no respect for the work of others. This is not only a sign of a really bad personality, but also against the law. I drew everything myself, so if you find parts of my SP-Studio in a similar game they are STOLEN. Some people even copy the whole SP-Studio and just delete my name. This hurts a lot.
Please do not support thieves! Though I have seen some stolen “SP-Studios” in the past none of them are complete, because you can only find the newest updates here on my own website. So please do not waste your time with thieves who do not deserve any attention. If you like what I do only visit the original version on my website. It is the biggest one and I never steal from others. I put my time and money into this to give you a free and fun experience.

2) BASICS: How to use the SP-Studio

How do I start?

The SP-Studio is a tool to create your own cartoon characters – or any picture you like. You can choose different categories (body parts, clothes, backgrounds) by clicking on the menu guy. When you first start it is best to select the “skin”. Click on the huge black body shape to select a skin color. Then you can move on to another category, like eyes or hair. There is no given order you need to follow – you can jump between the categories and change them as often as you wish.

How can I delete / move / flip / spin single items?

SP-Studio item menuJust click on the item after you added it to your picture. The “item menu” will appear, were you can choose to recolor, move, spin, flip or delete it.

  • Deleting and flipping works right away. You can flip back them item if you are not satisfied.
  • When you recolor an item the color palette appears again, but the item will keep its position. Only “custom color items” can be recolored.
  • When you spin an item you can use single clicks or keep the mouse button pressed to make it rotate faster.
  • When you choose to move the item you have to click on it again to drag it. Keep the mousebotton pressed and move it to a different position. When you release the mouse button the item will be dropped there.

How does the Freestyle Collection work?

Freestyle CollectionUsually the SP-Studio works as easy as this: Click on a category, click on a an item and it will appear in your picture. You cannot change the order of the items, so for example hats will always appear on top of the hair and not behind it. The “Freestyle Collection” (in “Shirts”) is an exception. Here you can design your own clothes by combining up to three parts in any order you like. For example: a yellow jacket on top of a red dress on top of a striped t-shirt. Or what would it look like with the dress on top of the jacket? It’s all up to you.

You have 3 layers for clothes. Switch between them by clicking on the numbers 1, 2 or 3 on top of the clothes. Layer 1 is the bottom layer. Layer 2 is on top of layer 1. Layer 3 is on top of layer 1 and 2. Maybe it is easier to memorize this way:
1 = underwear, 2 = shirt, 3 = coat. Try it and you will be able to create your own fashion!

How can I save my picture?

You can easily save your picture by clicking on the black disc symbol. A pop up window will appear and inform you about the copyrights. It is important to read them if you plan to share your picture online or use it for your own projects. Choose a size for your image file and it will be saved to your download folder as “sp-studio.jpg”. Make sure to deactivate any pop up blocker you have installed.

What do the black symbols mean?

In the SP-Studio you can see six black symbols:

  • The Home Symbol button shows the Sp-Studio home screen. This is the speech bubble with the welcome text. Your picture is NOT deleted when you click the Home button. You just need to click on a category to see it again.
  • The Disc Symbol lets you save your pictures to your computer. They are never saved automatically, so if you want to keep them, please remember to use this button. When you click the button you will be informed ybout the copyrights. On the left you can select one of three sizes for your picture. Then a little pop up will appear where you can choose if you want to save the picture or open it. Usually it will be saved to your Downloads folder as sp-studio.jpg.
  • The Trash Can Symbol deletes your current picture, so you can start over. Every item, body part and the background will be removed. So be careful with this button.
  • The Lock Symbol lets you “lock” your picture if you do not want to be able to move, delete or flip single parts of it. Then it is impossible to use the item menu. I never use this feature, but some people asked me to include it because they were afraid to accidentaly delete something.
  • The Full Screen Symbol lets you work on your picture in large scale. Click again to switch back to the small version.
  • The Questionmark Symbol shows a help screen. It describes the basic features of the SP-Studio in different languages.

3) IMAGE EDITING: Advice for advanced users

How can I save pictures in better quality?

If you use the save button the picture is saved as a .jpg file. Those files do not have the best quality. Especially red parts of your picture might look blurry. To avoid this you can save the pictures as .png files by making a screenshot in fullscreen mode:

  • Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10: Use the “Snipping Tool” in the start menu. After you have cut out the area you want to save you need to select “PNG” in the “save as…” window.
  • Windows XP: Press the “print” key on your keyboard, nothing happens.
    Then open software like Paint or Photoshop. Click “edit”, “paste” and the picture appears. Maybe you need to move it around and cut the parts you do not need. Then select “PNG” in the “save as…” window.
  • Mac: Press Apple-shift-4. You should be able to select PNG files in the options.

How can I save bigger pictures?

Do you need a higher resolution? Maybe because you want to print your picture or use it as a desktop wallpaper? There are two solutions:

  • Make a screenshot in fullscreen mode. If you do not know how to do this please check out the F.A.Q. entry “How can I save pictures in better quality?”.
  • If you need an even bigger picture: You can zoom in by pressing the right mouse button and selecting “zoom”. I am not sure about the English description, but it is the first word on top of the list. Make a screenshot. Then zoom out and select another part of your picture. Zoom, screenshot… and so on. When you have collected screenshots of every area of your picture you can combine them in Paint or Photoshop like a mosaic. This is a lot of work but you get your picture in a huge resolution.

Can I combine 2 characters in 1 picture?

I am often asked if I could make it possible to create two characters in one picture. Unfortunately this would be to compliacted to code for me. BUT you can combine your characters yourself by using additional software – it’s easy! By following those steps you can combine as many characters as you want and even use your own background.

  1. Start by creating the fist SP-Studio character. Use a single background color. Open a graphics editing program like MS Paint, Photoshop or Gimp (I use Paint for this tutorial). Make a screenshot as described in “How can I save pictures in better quality?”. You could use the save button, but a screenshot improves the quality of the result. It should look like this now:
  2. Now we still see the SP-Studio interface. Remove it by using the selection tools. Other techniques work as well, for example you can just use the eraser. The background color must be the same like in the Sp-Studio (I used white):
  3. It’s time to create your second SP-Studio character now. Use the same background color as in your first picture. Make a screenshot again and paste it into Paint, so it appears next to your first character.
  4. Again you have to get rid of the SP-Studio interface by deleting those parts of the screenshot. Remove them with the eraser or selection tools. Another solution is to select the 2nd character and move him to your 1st character. That’s how I did it in the example::
  5. Now the rest is easy. Delete the parts you do not need until the whole background is white. Then save your picture – or even add more characters. If you prefer another background image you should use a better program (Photoshop or Gimp). This is described in the following F.A.Q. section.

How can I use my own background image?

You need a good graphics editing program to do this, like Gimp or Photoshop. I will use Photoshop for this tutorial.

  1. Create your SP-Studio character. Choose a background color that is different from the hair, clothes and skin you use. And it is best to use a background color that is similar to the background image you want to include later. For example you should use a dark background color if you want to use a photo from a night sky.
  2. Make a screenshot of your character as described in the F.A.Q. section “How can I save pictures in better quality?”. You could use the save button, but a screenshot improves the quality of the result. Paste your picture in your graphics program. Maybe you have to crop it to remove the SP-Studio interface. Here is a picture of what it looks like when I do this in Photohop:
  3. Now we should remove the background. Select the magic wand tool and click on the black background. Then press the DEL key to get rid of it. The magic wand tool can have different options. The tolerance should be around 15, “Anti-alias” and “Contiguous” should be selected. I show this in the left picture:
  4. The right picture shows the “Layers” window and the result of our final step. We need this window now, so make sure you see it (maybe you have to search for it in the “Window” submenu of the menu bar). If there is a “background” layer click on it and delete it. You can save your picture now as a PNG file without background. But we want to include a new background image, so let’s open this additional file. You can use any picture you want. Copy it and paste it in the file with the SP-Studio character. You will see a new layer appearing in the list of layers. Make sure it’s under the layer of the character – you can move it if it’s not. And now we are done!

4) TROUBLESHOOTING: If something is not working

Why does the SP-Studio not show up or look strange?

The SP-Studio needs the browser plugin “Adobe Flash Player”. This was a standard once, but today most browsers do not support it anymore like they did in the past. This is why the SP-Studio won’t work on most mobile devices.

If the whole game does not work there are two suggestions I can make: Try to install the newest Flash plugin and check your browser’s internet options. Maybe they block the website. Most of the time security settings or an ad-blocker is the reasons if the SP-Studio does not show up. Deactivate those settings for sp-studio.de to make it work.

If only certain parts of the game or website look strange or updates are missing you should clear your browser cache (= temporary internet files). You can do this in your browser settings. Sometimes after an update you have to force the browser to load the new files if it does not find them on its own.

How can I use mobile devices?

The SP-Studio is coded in Flash and so you need to install the Adobe Flash plugin for your browser to make it work. This leads to problems with smartphones and tablets, because they do not support Flash anymore. But you can use special mobile browsers to make it work. These are some free apps you can try: Photon Flash Player & Browser (Android & iOS), FlashFox (Android), Puffin Browser (ioS).

Why does the save button not work for me?

If you cannot save your pcture with the black disc symbol most of the time it is the fault of a pop up blocker. Check the security settings of your browser and allow SP-Studio.de to use pop ups.
If you STILL cannot use the button you will have to make a “screenshot” to save your picture. This is how it works:

  • Windows Vista / 7: Use the “Snipping Tool” in the start menu.
  • Windows XP: Press the “print” key on your keyboard, nothing happens.
    Then open software like Paint, Photoshop or Word. Click “edit”, “paste” and the picture appears.
  • Mac: Press Apple-shift-4.

I lost my picture! Can you restore it and send it to me?

No, I am sorry. None of the SP-Studio pictures are saved on my server, so there is no way for me to see your picture or to send it to you. If you do not save it when you create it, it will be lost.

Can you help me to recognize the colors?

Some SP-Studio visitors are colorblind or have other visual impairments. Here is a version of the current color palette with descriptions to help them pick fitting colors:

color palette with descriptions

5) MAKING OF: Who made the SP-Studio and how

Who created this website?

My name is Janina Himmen, I’m from Germany and started working on the SP-Studio back in the year 2001 as a student. I run the German South Park fanpage Planearium.de and usually often go by the nickname Zwerg-im-Bikini. I work as a freelance designer, so if you need a website or illustration feel free to contact me. In my freetime I enjoy a good movie, video- or boardgame.

In 2018 I started to work on a new SP-Studio which does not rely on Flash anymore. Since my coding skills are very limited I would not be able to do this without help. Kai Wegner is building the base for the new SP-Studio. Thank you so much, Kai!

How is the SP-Studio made?

I use a computer and a mouse :). The SP-Studio is created with the software Adobe Animate (formerly known as Adobe Flash). You can find a free trial version here). I use it to draw the single parts as vector images and for the ActionScript code to make the whole thing work.

Unfortunately Flash is dying, so I will have to create a new SP-Studio from scratch. For this new version I will continue to use Adobe Animate for the drawings, but the whole coding is done in Angular2. JetBrains WebStorm is used as an editor.

When do you update the site and how do we know about it?

I try to upload new content every couple of weeks. But it is difficult to predict when I have enough time. There are several ways to know if there are new updates:

This is the place where you can read about what’s new first. You can also subscribe to the RSS-Feed.
Follow SP_STUDIO on Twitter if you prefer to read about updates there.
If you use Facebook like theSPstudio! I write about every update there and read your comments.
You can follow thespstudio on Instagram if this is the social network of your choice.
If you want to support the development of the SP-Studio (= more updates) you can become a Patron. You will see exclusive “behind the scenes” stuff before updates go online and can vote for what you want to see next.
I don’t write about updates here but if you want to see SP-Studio related artwork you should follof my DeviantArt account sp-studio-art. I upload edited drawings related to the SP-Studio content.


Is this game suitable for children?

Sometimes parents or teacher ask if the SP-Studio is made for kids. I know many children play with it and it helps them to be creative, but when I created it this was not my main target group. The art style is based on the TV show “South Park”, a satirical cartoon for adults. The characters look cute and I do not think this game will harm children, but there are some weapons and drugs as items. A dildo hat might be the most inappropriate thing you can find here. But apart from this I cannot think of anything that might be a problem. There are no hidden costs. But please watch your kids if they want to use the forum where you can talk to other fans and share your pictures. Though this place is under moderation I do not think little kids should use any online community on their own.

Why no other languages?

Unfortunately I do not have the time to update more than one version of the SP-Studio. In the beginning there was a German version as well, but I deleted it because more visitors understand English. That’s why there are no versions for different languages. But I designed the SP-Studio in a way so you can use it without reading. And if you click on the “?” symbol there is a help text in different languages.

What will NEVER be included in the SP-Studio? Why?

You can send me requests for new items, because I always try to improve this website and I am happy about feedback. Don’t be shy :). But you can stop asking for the following things, because I will never include them:

  • NO different body shapes
    Please stop asking about adults and fat kids. It should be obvious why there are no different shapes, but I will explain it again to make sure everybody can read it:
    If there is a second body shape you cannot combine the old items with it. First problem: From now on you cannot combine everything = less possibilities = less fun. Another big problem is the time. I would have to draw EVERY single item again for the new shape. This is a very stupid and time consuming work. Even if I would like to do this it would mean: no updates for at least a year. It makes more sense to use my free time for interesting NEW items for the existing SP-Studio. There are character creators out there which offer different body shapes, but of course this always means less items for each shape. Simple maths ;). This is not the way I want to go, because I prefer to offer you as many items as possible which can be combined freely.
  • NO more band shirts / sport trikots
    There are SO many bands and clubs out there, it is impossible to satisfy every fan. Sorry, but this is too special. And the logos are protected by copyright, so I will not do it anymore to avoid legal trouble.
  • NO famous brands or logotypes
    Same problem. I do not want to get in trouble because of the copyrights, so I try to avoid them.
  • NO offline version
    The SP-Studio is meant to be an online game which stays on my website only. I think this is fair, because I do not charge money from you. Your visit on my website is my only reward for years of work, because I enjoy your feedback. If this was gone I would stop working here, because I had nor reason to continue. Additionally an offline version could not be updated as easily as this website, so this is the best for everybody.
  • NO sound / animation
    The SP-Studio is meant to be a picture maker and will stay this way. Adding sounds and animations would steal a lot of time I prefer to use for drawing useful new items. Sorry, but if you search for a movie maker you will have to look elsewhere. And another problem is: I am no coder and work alone. It would not be possible for me to code this.

6) COMMUNITY: About the Forum & Gallery

What’s the SP-Studio Forum?

In the forum you can connect with other SP-Studio fans. It’s the perfect place to share your pictures, give feedback, find help and discuss new updates – or every topic you like. Of course Registration is free.

How do the Contests work?

Each month there is a new SP-Studio picture contest about a defined topic. Visit the contest page to learn more about the current contest and submit your picture. Only unedited SP-Studio pictures count. Usually you have 20 days to submit a pictures and then a public vote runs for 10 days. The winner gets a free wish for a SP-Studio update of his or her choice. The results of finished contests can be seen in the Hall of Fame.

7) HOT NEWS: The NEW SP-Studio is in development!

Why do do you need money?

In early 2018 I asked for financial support to start working on a “new SP-Studio”. Without your help this website is doomed to shut down, because it relies on Flash and Flash will not be supported anymore in the future. Already many browsers do not load Flash pages.

I worked on the SP-Studio for 17 years without payment. But I can not afford to do a complete rework. So this is why I need money to continue. With the money I can take the time to develop the SP-new Studio, to pay for software and to pay coders to help me because I could do this on my own. It is a huge project and unfortunately things like these are expensive. Only a small amount of SP-Studio users donate something, so spreading the word about my situation is very important. Please help the SP-Studio to survive.

What will be new in the new SP-Studio?

  • The new SP-Studio will not rely on Flash anymore which means it will work on every browser. While the old SP-Studio will stop working this new version will continue to run. And this means there will finally be a mobile version – and the new user interface will be optimized for smartphones!
  • The new SP-Studio will keep most items from the old SP-Studio and there will be some more. I look through every drawing and improve the old ones which do not look good. So many classic SP-Studio items will look better.
  • There will be custom color options for nearly all of the items! You can be more creative than ever.
  • You will be able to combine different items on differnet layers. For example you can wear a t-shirt on top of a jacket or under it. In the old SP-Studio this only worked for the items in the freestyle collection. In the new Sp-Studio this will work for every item.
  • There will be more, but I don’t want to spoil too much yet… :).

When will the new SP-Studio launch?

Development takes a lot of time so I don’t want to talk a bout a release date yet.