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Help this website to stay alive! In I put money and a lot of time, without charging my visitors for anything. Everybody can use this website for free for private projects, because I wanted to create a tool that gives everybody the possibility to be creative and have some fun. But I trust in the fact that some of you will give something back voluntarily if they appreciate my work. Just because something is offered for free does not mean I don’t need money for my bills. Without financial support I cannot work on updates anymore.

Even more important: Flash is dying and I am working on a new (non Flash) version of the SP-Studio to prepare it for the future. For this I need to pay a developer, because I cannot do it on my own. This new SP-Studio needs funding. That’s why I ask you for donations. There are several ways to help: With Patreon you can make monthly pledges and with Paypal ( a one time donation is possible as well. You can also send me a present from my Amazon wishlist if you prefer this over money.

If you think I did a good job, had some fun around here or even use my drawings for your own project – please consider a donation.

Especially if you use SP-Studio pictures for your website, cartoon, video or band promotion remember to give something back.

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I have an wishlist too, if you prefer this. But with less items, and shipping might be expensive to Germany.

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who supports! You make it possible for me to continue!