Contest news (May)

SP-Studio contest toysEggyslav won the SP-Studio contest about “toys” with this creative Lego pirate! There were many great submissions: SP-Studio contest 04/2015: Toys / Hall of Fame.

new contestAnd of course we have a new contest for May. Live long and may space travel be with you! Between May the 4th and revenge of the 5th this contest topic came to my mind: Create a picture about Star Trek or Star Wars! The movies, the tv shows, the novels, the games, the expanded universe… there are a lot of characters and scenes you can choose from. Crazy Star Wars / Star Trek crossovers are allowed as well, but the “vs” part of the title is not important. Upload your picture to the contest gallery until May 20th. You can read more about how it works here. Good luck!


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