Contest news (August)

SP-Studio contest Star WarsAnnouncement: Unfortunately I am not very active around here at the moment because I am moving to a new apartment. But I will be back in the mid of September, and I will try my best to find time for a small update. Right now I can’t promise anything because there is so much real life stuff to do. I just want you to know.

But let’s not forget the SP-Studio contests. The last one about SIDEKICKS was won by ADePALMA1251 with his picture of Igor. A black & white artwork with a lot of attention to detail! You can see all the entries here: SP-Studio contest 07/2015: Sidekicks.

new contest The current contest is about FITNESS. Create an unedited SP-Studio picture about this topic and upload it to the contest gallery until tonight. I am Sorry I forgot to create this blog post earlier. As usual you can read more about how it works here. Good luck!


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