Contest news (August)

SP-Studio contestCongratulations to Jetpack-guy for winning the last SP-Studio contest! He created this black and white portrait of Coco Chanel with the title “La Petite Robe Noire”. You can see all entries for this contest here: SP-Studio contest 07/2016: FASHION.

new contestThe current contest is about LOONEY TUNES VS NICKTOONS. When you think of funny cartoons of your childhood the Looney Tunes characters and Nicktoons will soon come to your mind. But who’s best? You can choose your favorite! Create a SP-Studio picture about a Warner or Nickelodeon cartoon character. Of course you are allowed to include both in one picture, but this is not required.

Submit your picture until August 20th. Read more about the rules here. Good luck!


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