Contest news (July)

SP-Studio contestOn December 2, 1983, John Landis’ videoclip “Thriller” was released. Strider created this SP-Studio portrait of zombie Michael Jackson for our last picture contest and won. Congratulations! You can see all entries here: SP-Studio contest 06/2016: MUSIC OF THE 80s. And check out the all time HALL OF FAME!

new contestThere is still time until tomorrow to enter the current contest about FASHION. Come up with creative clothes by combining different items! Or you can show a scene a from a fashion show. Famous models and designers are another possible motif. Or how about a critical look at child labor? I am excited for the pictures this topic might inspire. Read more about the rules here. Good luck!

Big update for the clothes

blog_version5.17This took a little while, but there are many new things to discover now:

  • 16 new clothes were added to the SP-Studio! Eight printed t-shirts, five dresses, a corset in custom colors, a fashionable tuxedo and a pea coat. This time I focused on “normal” clothes, because we had a lot of special costumes lately.
  • The shirts are splitted into 4 instead of 2 categories now, so it’s less chaotic.
  • In the “dresses” category you can move your cursor over an item to learn about what it was inspired by (movies, celebreties, traditional clothes from certain countries,…). I plan to include this feature for the shirts as well, but want to wait for your feedback first.

I hope you enjoy the new features and clothes! If you like my work here at and want to see more updates you might consider to support it. There are many ideas for more updates in my head which wait for the chance to be inlcuded. :)

Contest news (June)

SP-Studio contestCaribou won the last SP-Studio contest! His picture was inspired by George Orwell’s quote: “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.”. You can find the whole contest gallery here: SP-Studio contest 05/2016: THE FUTURE. And check out the all time HALL OF FAME!

new contestYou have still time until tomorrow to enter the current contest about MUSIC OF THE 80s. The forum thread with the rules can be found here, good luck!

Contest news (May)

SP-Studio contestCongratulations to legobasher for winning the last SP-Studio contest! His picture was inspired by the Movie “Grunt!”. You can find the whole contets gallery here: SP-Studio contest 04/2016: PRO WRESTLING. And check out the all time HALL OF FAME!

new contestA reminder: Today is the last chance to submit your pictures for the current contest. I am sure everybody thinks about this topic a lot: THE FUTURE! No matter if you create a SP-Studio picture about your own future or Star Trek, as long as it is related to the topic in some way it will count. So show your creativity and I hope to see many entries! The rules are described here.

The top 20 most popular items top itemsHow about some statistics? I never posted anything like this before, but it might be interesting bonus content between updates.

Have you ever wondered which items are the most popular on Here you go! I looked through data from the last months and created this top 20 of SP-Studio items. “Popular” means these are the items which get the most clicks. It does not mean they have to be actually used in the final pictures (I cannot count this). Excluded from this list are the body shape, single color background and regular hands. Of course they are the top 3 items because every SP-Studio picture starts with them. As you can see the basic items are really important. But some fashionable shoes or the manga eyes seem to attract your attention as well.

The next stats will be about the most popular background images. Can you guess which ones will be on the list? Share your guesses in the comments! :)

Contest News (April)

SP-Studio contestLast month’s picture contest was won by Jareen2 who created this cool portrait of Kurt Cobain. Have a look at the complete contest gallery here: SP-Studio contest 03/2016: MUSIC OF THE 90s.

new contestThe current contest is inspired by Wrestlemania. Let’s create some SP-Studio pictures about professional wrestling! You can pick famous WWF / WWE super stars like Hulk Hogan, the Undertaker or John Cena. Or how about different Wrestling leagues like the ones from Mexico or Japan? Today is the last chance to submit your picture! The rules are described here.

Super Mario tribute

Super Mario tributeAfter the Disney Princesses and Star Wars these are the final costumes in a row of pop culture inspired SP-Studio updates. When it comes to iconic video game characters nobody can compete with Super Mario. So I drew this tribute to Mario and Luigi. My Patrons voted for the Nintendo characters they wanted to see. And check out the Princess Peach dress and hair as well, which was already included a while back.

The new items are:

  • Mario’s and Luigi’s hats
  • Luigi’s beard (Mario’s was already included)
  • overall in custom colors
  • a new nose in custom colors

I fixed some bugs as well: The U.S. flag works again and some noses were moved.

Contest News (March)

SP-Studio contestCongratulations to Caribou for winning the last SP-Studio contest! All of Have a look at the complete contest gallery: SP-Studio contest 02/2016: LOVE / Hall of Fame.

new contestThe contest topic for March is “Music of the 90s”. I will give you an extra day to submit your pictures, so the deadline is Monday evening. Create a SP-Studio picture about the glourious 90s’ music! Home of Boybands and Eurodance, Nirvana and Britney Spears. I guess most of them will show a certain artist, but you are allowed to be creative with the topic. All the rules are described here.

Star Wars inspired costumes

Star Wars South Park style“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” was a surprisingly good sequel to one of the most popular movie frachises. And it did a great job in introducing new characters even the hardcore fans liked. So I included costumes inspired by three of them to Unfortunately it was too difficult to draw BB-8 in SP-Studio style, so I focused on Finn, Rey and Kylo Ren.

The new items are:

  • 3 shirts
  • 2 hairstyles
  • 1 mask

Contest News (February)

SP-Studio contestCreative pictures were submitted to the last SP-Studio contest! The best rated one was inspired by the popular horror game “Five Nights at Freddy’s”. Congratulations to Eggyslav! Have a look at the complete contest gallery: SP-Studio contest 01/2016: What happened in 2015? / Hall of Fame.

new contestI don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, but many others do. So I picked this emotional topic for the February contest: LOVE. Submit a fitting SP-Studio picture to the contest gallery until February 20th. Hurry! :) All the rules are described here. The winner can wish for a new SP-Studio item of his choice and I will draw it.

Disney Princesses

Disney princesses South Park styleThe new year starts with an extra big update! I drew 22 new items based on the famous Disney heroines Ariel, Cinderella, Pocahontas, Mulan and Belle. A Snow White costume was already added in 2014, and I wanted to continue this “Disney princess” series because they are fun to draw and very popular. But I have to admit I am no fan of the stereotypical princess marketing. I like the original movies, so I focused on their typical outfits and not on princess gowns. In addition to the costumes you can use new facial expressions now, which will be useful for all kinds of characters. This is new:

  • 4 hairstyles
  • 3 clothes
  • 5 lips
  • 5 eyebrows
  • 5 types of eyelashes (category: stuff/makeup)

Contest news (January)

SP-Studio contestI hope the new year started great for all of you! It certainly did for Eggyslav ad Strider, because they won the last SP-Studio picture contest. Wonderful artworks! You can see the other entries here: SP-Studio contest 12/2015: Marvel vs DC / Hall of Fame.

new contestJoin the current contest until January 20th. The topic is WHAT HAPPENED IN 2015? It’s easy: Create a SP-Studio picture about an event, celebrity, movie or invention that was important last year. I am sure you can think of something :). The rules are described here. Good luck!

I am working on a new update right now which will feature some famous movie costumes. If you are among my Patreon supporters you will see a preview soon :).

Contest news (December)

SP-Studio contestJetpack-guy won the last contest with this amazing picture of Chris Hadfield. Check out the other entries as well: SP-Studio contest 11/2015: Inventors & Explorers / Hall of Fame.

new contestThere are two days left to submit your picture for the currents month. This time the contets topic is MARVEL VS DC. Create a picture about a Marvel or DC character. Let’s see which side will get the most entries. But of course you are allowed to combine both in one picture as well. You can read more about how it works here. Good luck!

Christmas Special 2015

Christmas time is present time! In the 8th year in a row I will surprise you with a fresh SP-Studio update every day until December 24th. And YOU can suggest what you would like to see. Write your requests in the comments and they might be included. I will update this post and the front page with the Advent Calendar every day, so keep an eye on it. Or you can follow on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter if you don’t want to miss anything. The old Christmas Specials can be found here: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014.

The first new item for this year’s Christmas Special is a dress inspired by traditional Swiss fashion, as wished by my good friend Johanna. Initially I wanted to do another update about fashion from around the world, but decided to combine it with the Advent Calendar instead. I hope you like it and all the other things which are about to come next :).

SP-Studio Advent Calendar

Contest news (November)

SP-Studio contest musicJetpack-guy won the last SP-Studio contest! His picture shows “Weird Al” Yankovic in his Lady Gaga parody “Perform This Way”. You can see all the entries for this contest here: SP-Studio contest 10/2015: Music (2000-2015). And visit the updated Hall of Fame.

new contestThe November contest is still running, so hurry and upload your picture until tonight. This time the topic is INVENTORS & EXPLORERS. From Thomas Edison to Marco Polo, from Archimedes to Galileo, from Doctor Snuggles to Gyro Gearloose. Create a SP-Studio picture of a famous inventor or explorer! You can read more about how it works here. Good luck!

Traditional costumes (2)

Traditional costumes from around the world - South Park styleThe next “traditional costumes from around the world” are finished! This time I drew some of your suggestions. But you can still write more wishes in the comments.

A third update will be online this month. And in December you can look forward to the HUGE annual SP-Studio Christmas Special! If you have any requests for this, feel free to add them to the comments as well.

Today these new clothes were added to the SP-Studio:

  • Habesha kemis (Ethiopia)
  • Changshan (China)
  • Barong Tagalog (Philippines)
  • Muumuu (Hawaii)

Contest news (October)

SP-Studio contest FitnessThe last SP-Studio contest was won by Eggyslav and his cool Sonic picture. Congratulations! Your wish for a new item will be included in this year’s Christmas Special. You can see all the entries for this contest here: SP-Studio contest 09/2015: Quick!.

new contestAnd now let’s talk about music. For this month the contest topic is Music (2000-2015). Create a SP-Studio picture about your favorite Musician from the current era! Please submit your picture to the contest gallery until October 20th. Then we vote. You can read more about how it works here. Good luck!

Traditional costumes (1)

Traditional costumes from around the world - South Park styleThis is the start of a couple of small updates about “traditional costumes from around the world”. This topic was picked in a poll by my 5$+ Patrons. I decided to split the update into smaller ones, so you can still suggest iconic clothes for the next updates in the comments below.

Today four new clothes were added to the SP-Studio:

  • traje de flamenca (from Spain)
  • gho (from Bhutan)
  • kasaya (robe of Buddhist monks)
  • hanbok (from Korea)

Contest news (September)

SP-Studio contest FitnessI am at my new home now and so things are back to normal. My internet connection works and I can continue with SP-Studio updates! :)

The last SP-Studio picture contest about the topic FITNESS was won by AMParsons29. Congratulations! You can see all the entries here: SP-Studio contest 08/2015: Fitness.

new contest The current contest topic is QUICK! Yes, I picked this topic because I was late. I will give you one extra day because I did not ptomote the contets earlier. Submit your SP-Studio picture about anything quick to the contest gallery until September 21st! You can read more about how it works here. Good luck!

18 new flags

SP-Studio flags18 additional flags were added to the category “stuff – shirt motifs”!

Many SP-Studio users have asked me for more flags as shirt motifs, so here you go. Some of them were requested, some of them I picked because I know many SP-Studio users come from these countries. Please don’t be sad if your country is not included yet. You can suggest it in the comments for future flag updates.

The new flags belong to:

India, China, South Korea, North Korea, Ukraine, Indonesia, Colombia, Peru, Thailand, Israel, Greece, Egypt, South Africa, Norway, Denmark, Ireland, Scotland, European Union

Contest news (August)

SP-Studio contest Star WarsAnnouncement: Unfortunately I am not very active around here at the moment because I am moving to a new apartment. But I will be back in the mid of September, and I will try my best to find time for a small update. Right now I can’t promise anything because there is so much real life stuff to do. I just want you to know.

But let’s not forget the SP-Studio contests. The last one about SIDEKICKS was won by ADePALMA1251 with his picture of Igor. A black & white artwork with a lot of attention to detail! You can see all the entries here: SP-Studio contest 07/2015: Sidekicks.

new contest The current contest is about FITNESS. Create an unedited SP-Studio picture about this topic and upload it to the contest gallery until tonight. I am Sorry I forgot to create this blog post earlier. As usual you can read more about how it works here. Good luck!

Mixed “stuff” update

SP-Studio update11 new objects and 5 shirt motifs were added to the “stuff” category!

  • a pocket watch
  • a custom color feather boa
  • field glasses
  • a magnifying glass
  • fire in the foreground
  • a custom color devil’s tail
  • a straight razor
  • a shoulder-fired missile / bazooka
  • sunglasses (Jackie O / Kurt Cobain style)
  • glass of wine
  • vinyl record
  • 5 new shirt motifs (basic shapes)

Contest news (July)

SP-Studio contest Star WarsThe black death… This atmospheric SP-Studio picture was created by Joker, winner of the last contest. Congratulations! You can see all the entries here: SP-Studio contest 06/2015: Middle Ages / Hall of Fame.

new contest This month the contest topic is SIDEKICKS. Let’s not focus on heroes or vilains but on their friends and helpers. Create a SP-Studio picture of a famous sidekick from a book, movie, tv show or game and submit it to the contets gallery until July 20th. You can read more about how it works here. Good luck!

Big Update with new features!

SP-Studio updateReady for big pictures and some spinning? After more than 100 hours of work I am proud to present the new improved SP-Studio! Thanks to everybody who supports me with Patreon or Paypal. This motivated me to finally work on this huge update. I had to change every file to include those new features, but I think they are very useful:

  • Full screen mode! This makes it more comfortable to work on your pictures.
  • Bigger images! When you save them you have 3 sizes to choose from.
  • New item menu! It looks better now and has more features:
    – recoloring custom color items at any time
    – flipping and flipping back the items (and more can be flipped now)
    – spinning every item (in small steps or by pressing the mouse button)
    – dragging the item menu to another place if it is in your way
  • The copyrights text became clearer and is included in the “save” screen.

I improved old drawings a little bit if they looked too bad in full screen mode. The F.A.Q. have been updated. Oh, and stripes and points for the skin have custom colors now.
A “” watermark has been included because unfortunately many people used my pictures without mentioning the source. This makes it difficult for this website to survive. But you can still remove the watermark if you want to link to in a different way. Those who read carefully will be rewarded… :). I hope you support what you like, even if I let you decide for yourself.

Have fun with the update! :)

Attention: If you see the old item menu instead of the new one or other strange errors appear, this means old files are still saved in your browser cache. Go to your browser settings and clear the cache (temporary internet files). Then your computer will recognize the files.

Let there be rainbows

gay marriageTo celebrate the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to declares same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states I made this spontaneous update for you:

You can use the rainbow flag as a background image and shirt motif now (in the “stuff” category). Because there is no reason why your SP-Studio avatar should not be able to celebrate as well! :)

Today another update will be online, so keep an eye on this blog.

Contest news (June)

SP-Studio contest Star WarsI am a bit late with this post, because I am working on a huge SP-Studio update every free minute. It will be really cool! But the winning picture from the last SP-Studio contest was cool as well… congratulations to sexyshane for his Darth Vader! You can see all the entries here: SP-Studio contest 05/2015: Star Wars vs Star Trek / Hall of Fame.

new contest The current SP-Studio contest for this month is about a historical topic: Create a picture about the middle ages! You can pick anything that’s connected to the years between 500 and 1500. Upload your picture to the contest gallery until June 20th. You can read more about how it works here. Good luck!

Twice as much color!

more colorsFrom now on you can choose from 200 different colors when you create your characters. I am sure this will help you to be even more creative! :) Hair, shirts, skin, backgrounds… every item which uses the palette benefits from this update. The colors are better sorted now so you can find a fitting color combination easier than before. I chose the different shades for every color myself instead of using an automatic script to do this to make sure everything looks like I want it to look.

As a bonus more eye make-up, horns and wings from the “make-up and extra body parts” category have turned into custom color items. And I made little improvements to many hair styles because looking at old drawings can feel pretty awkward. I changed black lines to dark lines (depending on the selected color) and fixed small “holes” between hair and body.

I am looking forward to seeing your colorful SP-Studio pictures!

musical instruments & headphones

Musical instrumentsToday’s update is all about music! I drew seven new items:

  • headphones (worn)
  • headphones (around the neck)
  • Explorer guitar
  • grand piano
  • big harp
  • small harp
  • recorder

Most of them were wishes from SP-Studio fans. The simple old headphones / acoustic earmuffs (I can’t remember what they were supposed to be in the first place ;)) got a costum color upgrade as well. And I fixed two small errors with the dresses and the Frankenstein bolts.

Contest news (May)

SP-Studio contest toysEggyslav won the SP-Studio contest about “toys” with this creative Lego pirate! There were many great submissions: SP-Studio contest 04/2015: Toys / Hall of Fame.

new contestAnd of course we have a new contest for May. Live long and may space travel be with you! Between May the 4th and revenge of the 5th this contest topic came to my mind: Create a picture about Star Trek or Star Wars! The movies, the tv shows, the novels, the games, the expanded universe… there are a lot of characters and scenes you can choose from. Crazy Star Wars / Star Trek crossovers are allowed as well, but the “vs” part of the title is not important. Upload your picture to the contest gallery until May 20th. You can read more about how it works here. Good luck!

Fashion inspired by Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones in South Park styleTo celebrate my Patreon launch I drew new costumes for your SP-Studio characters!

Many people ask me to include more clothes to dress up your avatars as fantasy characters, like shiny armor and classy gowns. Since HBO’s “Game of Thrones” just launched its fifth season and I am a big fan I decided to dedicate this update to the show. So these new costumes are inspired by the fashion of Westeros. I hope you like how they turned out. I wanted to draw something which is not only interesting for fans but also neutral enough to use it for any kind of medieval or fantasy characters.
There are 5 new shirts, 2 dresses and a single belt.

If you like this update and want to see more like this in the future please consider supporting the SP-Studio at Patreon or sharing this link.