Possible design changes

As mentioned in my previous blog post there are several improvements I think about for the future of this website. The change from Flash to HTML5 means a complete rework is inevitable, and while I edit every item anyway I also want to improve the illustrations. This is the one topic that might cause some controversy among long time SP-Studio.de visitors, so let me explain exactly why I want to do this and what you can expect from the results. Please remember: This is just an idea for now. Nothing has been decided yet and I just share my early thoughts with you.

I would love to change the character design from South Park to a unique style. I know… The whole project is based on South Park and even the name “SP-Studio” is a reference to the show, but please hear me out. During the past years I became more and more annoyed by the fact that my dearest project I put so much time in is “just fan art”. Though I draw everything myself the typical South Park shape of the characters means that the copyrights partly belong to Comedy Central, which limits me in many ways. And there are more things which make me consider this change.

Downsides of the South Park style:

  • The copyright issues limit me a lot. For example I am not allowed to publish an app in the app store or Google Play Store. I am not allowed to offer services like “print your SP-Studio character on a shirt!”. And I am not allowed to allow you to use the pictures for commercial projects, even if you want to pay for it. Many things my visitors ask me for are not possible because the characters look exactly like South Park. I always have to be careful about legal consequences.
  • While I am limited by the copyrights, other people ignore them and illegally earn easy money with my work. They sell fake South Park merchandising with SP-Studio images and just insult me if I tell them to stop. This happens a lot. They disrespect South Park and me as the creator, and even earn money with it… While begging for donations is the only way I can earn money with the SP-Studio to pay for its maintenance. Honestly… I am sick of this situation.
  • I might reach a wider audience if the website does not look like it’s just for South Park fans. I notice many SP-Studio users don’t visit it because of South Park, they just like the cute characters and the many possibilities for customizing them. For example I often hear from teachers who use the pictures in class. Many people might prefer something that’s not based on a certain tv show.
  • What about the future? Here in Germany South Park is not as popular as 15 years ago. And when the show is cancelled (which becomes more likely because it already runs for 21 years) the interest in this type of characters will become even smaller. While this is not a pressing reason at the moment now is the chance for me to change the design because of the new version.
  • The official South Park page has its own character creator since a couple of years. It was built with mine as a base and is more limited, but it is difficult to compete with an official version in terms of marketing. They have a huge audience on Facebook and Twitter and are allowed to create an app. I am sure many young South Park fans just use the one they know from the official website.
  • The new character shape I have in mind will have advantages. With slightly longer legs and bigger feet more detailed clothes would be possible. And you already ask for features like noses, ears and eyes with an iris which are not typical for the South Park kids. So I guess there are many of you who don’t care about the original South Park style.
  • My numbers of visitors are dropping.. A couple of years ago I had 50.000 visitors per day, but the interest is slowly fading. While I cannot exactly tell what’s the main reason for this (the problems with Flash, less interest in South Park, other avatar trends, more competition from mobile apps…) I know I should not be afraid of changes if I want my website to stay relevant for you and new visitors. This is not about money or fame! I just want to work on something people like. If I feel like they don’t like it anymore because it is outdated I should change something.
  • It would be more fun for me and it would feel better to draw my own characters instead of just copying existing ones. I am not as huge of a South Park fan anymore as I was 15 years ago, so I am not very attached to this art style. I don’t want to come to a point where I shut down this website because I hate drawing for it.

There is only one advantage I can think of:

  • Some of you are only here to build South Park characters. They just want them to look like from the famous cartoon and are not interested in a unique character design. I might offer the biggest collection of items and most freedom in customizing, but if they just came here because of South Park they might not care about this. So they will stop using the SP-Studio because of a design change, no matter what the end result might look like.

So while there are way more disadvantages than advantages about the South Park style I know the one disadvantage weighs heavily. 15 years ago I created this as a project for fellow South Park fans and though I wanted to get away from this style for many years now I was always afraid to turn on the fans which made this website big in the beginning. So it’s a really difficult decision for me. But I think I would regret not taking the opportunity for a change.

How would the new character design look like?

As you can see in the sketch above I don’t want to change the characters a lot. I want to keep the look and feel of the SP-Studio. And there is no way I can draw every shirt or hairstyle again! So I would just change the body shape a little bit, with different eyes, (removable) ears, longer legs and different feet. The characters will stay cute and very similar to the ones you love, but they would be unique enough to be my own creations instead of a copy of South Park. All the objects would stay. I’d have to edit certain parts of them, but this would be fine. But please know that this image is just an example of what they might look like. It was just a first test and I am open for feedback.

And just for the record: The old SP-Studio will stay online. As long as Flash is working on your computer it will still work. But there will only be updates for the new HTML5 version. I cannot update two versions.

Your opinion?

…to the SP-Studio survey

While I always cared about your feedback in the end this is something I will have to decide on my own, because I have to live with it and draw those characters in the years to come. But there is one thing I’d really want to know… how many of you only use the SP-Studio because the characters look exactly like South Park and don’t care about anything else? And how many new people would start using it if it would not be South Park fan art? While I cannot ask those who don’t visit the SP-Studio right now I created a little survey with three questions to learn more about my current audience. It would help me a lot if you would take the time to answert those questions!

Update on SP-Studio’s future

The minimum goal has been reached!

The mimimum goal of 600$ is reached!

Because of the amazing support during the past couple of days I reached my minimum goal, which means I don’t have to shut down this website! This is an incredible relief for me. Thank you so much for your funding (48 people donated so far) and for spreading the word! Every single one of you made a difference and helped SP-Studio.de to survive. I was even contacted by coders with experience in projects like this. So the future looks way brighter now than when I started this campaign two weeks ago.

As displayed in the chart above reaching this “mimimum goal” means there will be a new SP-Studio, which will use HTML5 / JavaScript / SVG instead of Flash. With those 600 $ I can create a working version this year. But since this was only the minimum budget it would lack some of the current features. So while it’s not about life and death anymore donations still are important. With them I can work on the more complicated features, like the little buttons to rotate und move items, or the export function. Some of this will be easy, but there are always things which are difficult to code. You can think of it as kind of a Kickstarter campaign: We reached the most important goal, but with additional money more could be achieved. There will be a SP-Studio in the future – that’s save and nobody has to worry about this anymore. But how cool it will be depends on the funding during the next weeks and months, because of course I’d prefer it to be as good or beter than the current version. So sharing and donating still helps during this time because every bit of money will be used to improve the results.

What you can expect from the new SP-Studio

While I will try to include as many old features as possible I also want to improve them. If you have to do the whole thing from scratch why not make it better? I don’t know yet what’s technically possible, but for example it would be cool to have an optimized user interface, more freedom in recoloring, a mobile version or more options to export your image file. Most ideas I want to investigate were brought up by my visitors before, but until now it was not possible for me to include them. With this new version and your support the SP-Studio can grow in new ways, which is a great opportunity. I am really excited to see what will be possible! Oh, and don’t worry about the amount of clothes and other items. I want to include all of them in the new version.

Let’s talk about one more thing… the design

If I have to change the whole coding anyway it’s the perfect time to have a closer look at the illustrations as well. I am not satisfied anymore with many of them. And I would love to change certain aspects of the character design… but I know that’s risky. Even though it’s just a possible idea at the moment I feel like I should tell you everything about it as soon as possible. I don’t want you to get angry ifyou donated money for something which might look different from your expectations in the end. So I will write an extra blog post tomorrow explaining my ideas on design changes. And there will be a vote to see how you react to it. UPDATE: Read more…

That’s it for today. A big thank you again for supporting me! The future of the SP-Studio is saved by awesome people who decided to spend a little bit of (or a lot of) money to help me out. And I am sure this future will be exciting!

Help SP-Studio.de to survive!

SP-Studio Patreon campaignHappy new year! First of all I want to thank my supporters very much for their PayPal and Patreon donations! You helped me in 2017 to continue with SP-Studio updates and provide the visitors of the site with new items to build their characters. 2018 will be something special though, because huge changes are unavoidable… And I have some sad news.

The death of Flash means the death of sp-studio.de.

Flash is dying. We all knew this day would come, but now we have a date. Adobe will stop supporting Flash in 2020 and Google, Microsoft, Apple and other major companies have already started to abandon it. Since the SP-Studio is coded in Flash it already works on less and less platforms, and soon it won’t work anymore on your computer as well. If I don’t change from Flash to HTML5 / JavaScript this website cannot survive the next two years. This means a huge rework, which is the reason why I haven’t already done it years ago. While simple Flash projects can be converted to HTML5 with the help of the software Adobe Animate CC, this does not work in my case. I’ll have to redo most parts from scratch. And since I have no knowledge about JavaScript it will be tough. Really tough. And very time consuming and expensive. I even might need to hire a JavaScript programmer to help me.

Only your support can save this website.

You can donate with Patreon or PayPal.

If we want the SP-Studio to survive I need more financial support this year from my visitors to pull this off. I added a new goal to my Patreon campaign which will sound high compared to the amount I usually get per month. But I know so many Kickstarter or Patreon campaigns which manage to reach this… And I ONLY ask for this for 2018. After I am able to complete the HTML5 version I won’t need that much money to keep it running. There even might be an app version and other cool updates because of this change. So it really is an investment in the future. Of course you don’t have to join Patreon. You can also donate per PayPal. With Patreon you get some rewards, but for the SP-Studio both ways to donate are equally helpful.

How much money is needed?

My goal right now is to reach 600 $ during the next three months (which equals three months of my new 200 $ goal on Patreon, but of course the PayPal donations count to it as well). I don’t know exactly yet how much it will be in the end, this is just the minimum. It will depend on how difficult it will be to include certain features which I cannot code myself.

  • If I reach the goal I’d say the SP-Studio is save, even if I have to make the new version smaller than the old one for the start.
  • If it will be more than 600 $ I might be able to add all the features you know from the current version and improve them.
  • If I cannot reach the goal I will use the money to include some final content updates for sp-studio.de before it stops working.

UPDATE: The mimimum goal has been reached! Read more about the current status in this blog post: Update on SP-Studio’s future.

But aren’t there donations yet?

I work on this website in my spare time for over 15 years now without charging my vistors. There already are a couple of wonderful people who support me voluntarily, but 10 people cannot pay for a huge rework like the one that is needed now. Last year my Patreon campaign was under 50$ per month. The ad banner here on the main page helps to pay for my server, but the times when ads bring big moneys are long over. Since this rework means months of work it will be expensive and I will have to work less on my regular job to pull it off. This is why I need money to make it happen. With the start of 2018 the situation for Flash gets more any more pressing. Will the SP-Studio die without your help? Yes, because it will not run on your computer anymore as soon as the Flash plugin stops working on it. Until now the Patreon and PayPal donations helped me to provide you with more updates, but now it’s kind of “about life and death” of this website. Please believe me: I hate to beg for help and I would not ask for this if it wasn’t necessary.

Is there a way to help without money?

Spreading the word about the situation of sp-studio.de is very important right now. My drawings are used all over the internet as profile pictures, so it is quite popular. But most people don’t visit the website on a regular base. So it is very difficult for me to reach them. If you cannot support me with money you can still share this post on social media and hopefully reach some of those who used the SP-Studio in the past and want to help. If you know somebody who uses an SP-Studio avatar you could talk to this person. Or if you know people who are looking for small Patreon campaigns which don’t get much attention yet.

I want this website to stay…

The SP-Studio means so much to me because this website has been an important part of my life for 15 years now. I hope to reach enough people who want it to still be around in the years to come and grow in new ways. If every one of those who use the avatars would support me with just a tiny amount of money it could survive easily. So please make it happen.


Thank you for reading!
And thank you very much if you already donated!



And please stop insulting me because of this. I had to delete some comments because people want me “to die” and wrote horrible things. This is not helping. I am not in this situation because I want to be. I want to save this website for you… at least for the decent people.

Christmas Special 2017

The 10th annual Christmas Special has started! Wow, I am doing this thing for 10 years now… But for those of you who don’t know it yet: I will surprise you with 24 daily updates until Christmas. This means new clothes, hairstyles, backgrounds or any other item for the SP-Studio. This blog post and the front page will be updatet every day and I will keep you informed on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well. So make sure to come back to see what’s new. :) And of course I am happy about any feedback. To be honest a comment is way better than a like because it’s something personal and I can work with it. So if you like an update or want to request something special for the future – feel free to write a comment! I usually choose the updates from requests of the past, the Wish Voting Gallery in the forum and my own ideas. The first update is a pet raven and this was a wish by contest winner legobasher.

The old Christmas Specials can be found here: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016.
What were your favorite updates from 10 years?

SP-Studio Advent Calendar

Update: Wishes of winners

SP-Studio updateThank you for your patience while I had to take a break from updates. But now I feel better and want to share this little update with you before the big annual Christmas Special starts on December 1st. Today the wishes of past SP-Studio contest winners were included:

  • Craig from South Park as a shirt motif (for Alex)
  • Tigris of Gaul helmet from Gladiator (for gdmattman)
  • New manga eyes (for Scott)
  • Eyes with custom colored pupils (for Jareen2)
  • Custom colored Spider-Man style lenses (for Jetpack-guy)

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite pictures to decide who should win the November contest! If you won a contest and your wish was not included here it might appear in the Christmas Special. Come back in December for daily surprises.

Contest News (November)

SP-Studio contest

Kings and queens, religious and military leaders… The current SP-Studio contest about FAMOUS LEADERS is all about power – in good hands and in bad hands. This time the task was to create a SP-Studio version of a real life person, no fictional characters. And your uploads are great! You can now vote by liking your favorite pictures until November 30th. Visit the CONTEST PAGE now.

The last contest about the topic HALLOWEEN PARTY was won by Alex J. Giebelestein with his picture about Butters as Jason Vorhees. Congratulations! You can see the Top Five of past contests in the HALL OF FAME.

Contest News (October)

SP-Studio contest

Join the SP-Studio contest! This month the topic is HALLOWEEN PARTY, so you can show your creepiest, funniest or most creative costume ideas. But if you want to show a general Halloween party setting / decoration this is allowed as well. Submit your image on the CONTEST PAGE until October 20th. You can also send it to me via Facebook message or Email if you prefer this way. On October 21st all the pictures will be shown on the contest page and you can vote for your favorites.

The last contest about the topic FIGHT! was won by Jeffrey with his picture about Glass Joe vs Mr Sandman from Punch-Out!!. It was inspired by this YouTube video. Congratulations! You can see the Top Five of past contests in the HALL OF FAME.

You might have noticed that there was no SP-Studio update in September. I have to deal with some health issues right now, but I hope to be able to finish my work on this update soon.

Contest News (September)

SP-Studio contest

Upload your best SP-Studio pictures in the new contest! This month the topic is FIGHT! We look for pictures about fighters (knights, boxers, fighting game characters,…) or fights in general. They can be inspired by famous fictional characters, real life or your own imagination. Submit your image on the CONTEST PAGE until September 20th. You can also send it to me via Facebook message or Email if you prefer this way. On September 21st all the pictures will be shown on Facebook and you can vote for your favorites. The voting system might change a bit, because more votes are needed… but I am not sure yet how to do this. If you have any suggestions they are welcome!

The last contest about VIDEOGAME HEROES was won by gdmattman with his picture about Shadow of the Colossus. Congratulations! You can see the Top Five of past contests in the HALL OF FAME. Thanks to everbody for sharing your amazing pictures!

Update: Better beards!

SP-Studio updateI gave the beard category a complete makeover, and I am sure it will be a lot of fun to build bearded characters now :).

  • New beards were added and old ones look better now. In total there are 77 different parts for beards now.
  • The structure has become more intuitive while giving you more freedom to be creative. There are mustaches and chin beards now (and some special items located beneath those), which can be combined to full beards. This means 1188 possible combinations to create the unique beard you always wanted! Not even counting the special beard items.
  • Shadows and highlights are available for many beards now and can be switched on and off when you add them to your picture.

Contest News (August)

SP-Studio contestA new SP-Studio picture contest has started! It would be wonderful to see as many or even more creative pictures as last time. Submit your unedited SP-Studio picture on the CONTEST PAGE until August 20th (or via email or Facebook message). The topic for this month is VIDEOGAME HEROES. From Mario to Sonic and from Duke Nukem to Lara Croft. All the pictures will be shown on the FACEBOOK PAGE on August 21st and then you can vote for your favorites by liking them on Facebook or voting in the SP-Studio forum. The winner is granted a free wish of a SP-Studio of his or her choice. Good luck!

The last contest about BLOCKBUSTER MOVIES was won by Scott with his picture about Avengers: Infinity War. Congratulations! You can see the Top Five of past contests in the Hall of Fame. Thanks to everbody for sharing your amazing pictures!

Superheroes #4: Patreon selection

South Park x Marvel crossover SP-Studio updateThe final superhero update is online!
This is new:

  • Doctor Strange: Costume (custom colors), collar, amulet, beard, belts
  • Deadpool: Costume, leather straps, mask
  • Wolverine: Costume, belt, mask, claws

These three Marvel costumes were chosen by my 5$+ Patreon Supporters in a poll. There were more favorites, but I picked the three which fitted the SP-Studio style best.

I hope you enjoyed the Superhero updates! :)

New Contest System!

SP-Studio contestExciting news! We are testing a new contest system this month! The old system worked fine for many years, but recently there were annoying bugs. In addition the number of contest entries became smaller and I want to encourage new people to show their pictures. So now there is NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED to enter the contest. Just upload your picture on the new CONTESTS PAGE (or sent it to me by Email, Facebook message or Tweet). The topic for the current contest is BLOCKBUSTER MOVIES. You can submit your picture until July 20th. Then the voting will start on the SP-Studio FACEBOOK PAGE. Who gets the most likes wins a free wish for a SP-Studio update. Of course I am curious for your feedback on the new system. I hope to see many old and new faces in the current contest, have fun and show your creativity! :)

But let’s not forget about last month’s winner. Congratulations to legobasher! He created a portrait of David Zellaby from “Village of the Damned” for the CHILDREN contest. You can find all winners in the old contest gallery or visit the Hall of Fame.

Superheroes #3: Avengers

South Park x Avengers crossover SP-Studio updateMore costumes inspired by famous superheroes were added to the SP-Studio! My Patreon supporters chose Captain America and Iron Man in a vote (by the way – you can still participate) and I added Thor to make it an Avengers themed update.
New items include:

  • Iron Man: Armor and helmet
  • Captain America: Costume, mask, shield, utility belt
  • Thor: Costume, helmet

The next update will be the final one of the superhero series.

Superheroes #2: Wonderful

Suth Park x Wonder Woman crossover SP-Studio updateThis update focuses on Wonder Woman! Not only because of the current movie, but also because this character has to offer a couple of useful accessories. I decided to not only include her clothes, but also the weapons and hair. The belt, whip and armring will be useful for other SP-Studio characters as well, and so I made them into extra items. But that’s not all there is for DC superheroes. You can now build The Green Lantern with existing items and the new logo. The update includes:

  • Wonder Woman’s costume, belt, hair, armring and tiara
  • Her weapons of choice: Shield, sword an whip
  • New shirt symbols for the DC superheroes Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash

Right now I run a poll for my 5$+ Patreon supporters where you can choose which superhero costumes you want to see in the next updates.

Contest News (June)

SP-Studio contestThe last SP-Studio picture contest about STEPHEN KING had two winners: Congratulations to legobasher and Zawesome! Their pictures were inspired by Stand by Me and The Shining. You can see the results of the contest in the gallery SP-Studio contest 05/2017: STEPHEN KING. Thanks to everybody for your amazing artworks!

new contestThe new contest topic for June is CHILDREN, so you can create a SP-Studio picture about any young human being (or animal… or alien…). How about Kevin from the “Home alone” movies? Or do you want to show a random kid? This is a free topic, so it’s up to you what you make of it.

Submit your picture until June 20th. You can read more about the rules here. As always the winner can make a wish for a SP-Studio update. Good luck!

Superheroes #1: Guardians

Suth Park x Guardians of the Galaxy crossover SP-Studio updateFor ages my visitors have asked me for superhero costumes, and now your wish shall be granted. This is the start of a couple of updates with costumes inspired by famous superheroes. For the start I picked the Guardians of the Galaxy, because their second movie runs in theaters just now. This is new:

  • Rocket Raccoon inspired clothes, tail, face fur and white whiskers
  • Star-Lord inspired clothes and mask
  • Gamora inspired clothes
  • Baby Groot :)

You might ask for Drax now. I want to split the content in several small updates, so each of them has 3 costumes. Baby Groot was a bonus because it’s no actual costume. So Drax might come later – or other heroes, because there are a ton of them to choose from. Let’s see what will be included next. :)

Contest news (May)

SP-Studio contestSorry for not posting about the last contests in this blog, but I will try to honor the winners here again from now on. Let’s start with Jetpack-guy for winning the last SP-Studio contest. Congratulations! It was SP-Studio contest 04/2017: FAMOUS PETS and his creative artwork shows Ham, the first American in space.

new contestThe current contest for May is about STEPHEN KING. From Carrie to It and from The Dark Tower top The Shining – create a SP-Studio picture about one of his books or movies! Or perhaps you want to show the famous author himself? It’s up to you. Submit your picture until May 20th. You can read more about the rules here.

We would LOVE to see new SP-Studio artists, so register a nickname for the community and give it a try. The winner is granted a wish for a SP-Studio update. Good luck!

Big sports update

SP-Studio Sports updateA big SP-Studio update is online! 17 new sports related items are waiting for you:

  • 7 new balls in different sizes (beach ball, volleyball, baseball, badminton shuttlecock, cricket ball, table tennis ball, field hockey / lacrosse ball)
  • 5 new rackets / bats / sticks (badminton racket, table tennis racket, cricket bat, field hockes stick, lacrosse stick)
  • skipping rope, frisbee disc, kick scooter, whistle
  • ice skates for the “legs” category

…and the two old footballs look better now.
Most of these items were wishes by the SP-Studio community.

From cyborgs to space marines

South Park cyborg armor updateThe first SP-Studio update in 2017 brings futuristic armor for your characters!

My Patreon supporters were allowed to select the topic for this update in a poll and this resulted in “cyborgs”. So I designed 4 different types of body armor and fitting helmets. The goal of this update was to give you the freedom to combine those parts and be creative, no matter if you want to make a robot, super hero or space marine. You can select your favorite colors and turn shadows and highlights on and off for each of the new items. This feature might come to the rest of the freestyle collection in future updates as well. I improved two of the existing helmets to give you more freedom in how to color them and finally the freestyle collection was cleaned up to make it easier to find what you need.

Christmas Special 2016

It’s time for the annual SP-Studio Advent Calendar with daily updates! From December 1 until December 24 I will surprise you with new SP-Studio items. This blog post and the front page will be updatet every day and I will keep you informed on Facebook and Twitter as well. The old Christmas Specials can be found here: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015.

Do you have a wish? You can request items in the blog comments or on Facebook and they might appear in one of the updates. I hope you enjoy the 24 surprises! The first one is a classic diving helmet.

SP-Studio Advent Calendar

Forum update

Under ConstructionThe SP-Studio forum will be offline for a couple of days. It was time for a big update and unfortunately this did not go smoothly. But it will be a better forum when it’s back!

Right now I am not sure how long it will take, but I will keep you updated in the comments of this post. So if you are a member or even team member of the forum you can stay here while the forum is offline.

Thank you for your patience!

New variations for the hair

South Park hair updateA new button was included which allows you to switch the highlights and shadows on and off for every hairstyle! This means the old hairstyles are available in new variations, so make sure to revisit them to have a look. The “shadows” button can be found in the upper right corner when you select the color.

I am sorry for the lack of updates during the past couple of months. This update might not seem like a big deal, but I had to put a lot of time into it to make it work. The coding in the background took a while and I had to change 214 files with different drawings. In combination with a lot of “real life work” I hope this explains my absence.

The reason for this update was my own disappointment with my old drawings. My drawing style changed over the years and I prefer shadows and highlights now to make the hair look a little bit more realistic. I wanted to bring a more consistent look to the hairstyle category but I know some of my visitors love the classic flat South Park look. So how could I make everyone happy? That’s why I decided to offer the option to choose between those two styles. And removing the highlights might be helpful for those artists as well who like to use the items in different and creative ways.

Contest news (August)

SP-Studio contestCongratulations to Jetpack-guy for winning the last SP-Studio contest! He created this black and white portrait of Coco Chanel with the title “La Petite Robe Noire”. You can see all entries for this contest here: SP-Studio contest 07/2016: FASHION.

new contestThe current contest is about LOONEY TUNES VS NICKTOONS. When you think of funny cartoons of your childhood the Looney Tunes characters and Nicktoons will soon come to your mind. But who’s best? You can choose your favorite! Create a SP-Studio picture about a Warner or Nickelodeon cartoon character. Of course you are allowed to include both in one picture, but this is not required.

Submit your picture until August 20th. Read more about the rules here. Good luck!

Contest news (July)

SP-Studio contestOn December 2, 1983, John Landis’ videoclip “Thriller” was released. Strider created this SP-Studio portrait of zombie Michael Jackson for our last picture contest and won. Congratulations! You can see all entries here: SP-Studio contest 06/2016: MUSIC OF THE 80s. And check out the all time HALL OF FAME!

new contestThere is still time until tomorrow to enter the current contest about FASHION. Come up with creative clothes by combining different items! Or you can show a scene a from a fashion show. Famous models and designers are another possible motif. Or how about a critical look at child labor? I am excited for the pictures this topic might inspire. Read more about the rules here. Good luck!

Big update for the clothes

blog_version5.17This took a little while, but there are many new things to discover now:

  • 16 new clothes were added to the SP-Studio! Eight printed t-shirts, five dresses, a corset in custom colors, a fashionable tuxedo and a pea coat. This time I focused on “normal” clothes, because we had a lot of special costumes lately.
  • The shirts are splitted into 4 instead of 2 categories now, so it’s less chaotic.
  • In the “dresses” category you can move your cursor over an item to learn about what it was inspired by (movies, celebreties, traditional clothes from certain countries,…). I plan to include this feature for the shirts as well, but want to wait for your feedback first.

I hope you enjoy the new features and clothes! If you like my work here at sp-studio.de and want to see more updates you might consider to support it. There are many ideas for more updates in my head which wait for the chance to be inlcuded. :)

Contest news (June)

SP-Studio contestCaribou won the last SP-Studio contest! His picture was inspired by George Orwell’s quote: “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.”. You can find the whole contest gallery here: SP-Studio contest 05/2016: THE FUTURE. And check out the all time HALL OF FAME!

new contestYou have still time until tomorrow to enter the current contest about MUSIC OF THE 80s. The forum thread with the rules can be found here, good luck!

Contest news (May)

SP-Studio contestCongratulations to legobasher for winning the last SP-Studio contest! His picture was inspired by the Movie “Grunt!”. You can find the whole contets gallery here: SP-Studio contest 04/2016: PRO WRESTLING. And check out the all time HALL OF FAME!

new contestA reminder: Today is the last chance to submit your pictures for the current contest. I am sure everybody thinks about this topic a lot: THE FUTURE! No matter if you create a SP-Studio picture about your own future or Star Trek, as long as it is related to the topic in some way it will count. So show your creativity and I hope to see many entries! The rules are described here.

The top 20 most popular items

SP-Studio.de top itemsHow about some statistics? I never posted anything like this before, but it might be interesting bonus content between updates.

Have you ever wondered which items are the most popular on sp-studio.de? Here you go! I looked through data from the last months and created this top 20 of SP-Studio items. “Popular” means these are the items which get the most clicks. It does not mean they have to be actually used in the final pictures (I cannot count this). Excluded from this list are the body shape, single color background and regular hands. Of course they are the top 3 items because every SP-Studio picture starts with them. As you can see the basic items are really important. But some fashionable shoes or the manga eyes seem to attract your attention as well.

The next stats will be about the most popular background images. Can you guess which ones will be on the list? Share your guesses in the comments! :)

Contest News (April)

SP-Studio contestLast month’s picture contest was won by Jareen2 who created this cool portrait of Kurt Cobain. Have a look at the complete contest gallery here: SP-Studio contest 03/2016: MUSIC OF THE 90s.

new contestThe current contest is inspired by Wrestlemania. Let’s create some SP-Studio pictures about professional wrestling! You can pick famous WWF / WWE super stars like Hulk Hogan, the Undertaker or John Cena. Or how about different Wrestling leagues like the ones from Mexico or Japan? Today is the last chance to submit your picture! The rules are described here.

Super Mario tribute

Super Mario tributeAfter the Disney Princesses and Star Wars these are the final costumes in a row of pop culture inspired SP-Studio updates. When it comes to iconic video game characters nobody can compete with Super Mario. So I drew this tribute to Mario and Luigi. My Patrons voted for the Nintendo characters they wanted to see. And check out the Princess Peach dress and hair as well, which was already included a while back.

The new items are:

  • Mario’s and Luigi’s hats
  • Luigi’s beard (Mario’s was already included)
  • overall in custom colors
  • a new nose in custom colors

I fixed some bugs as well: The U.S. flag works again and some noses were moved.