Big update for the clothes

blog_version5.17This took a little while, but there are many new things to discover now:

  • 16 new clothes were added to the SP-Studio! Eight printed t-shirts, five dresses, a corset in custom colors, a fashionable tuxedo and a pea coat. This time I focused on “normal” clothes, because we had a lot of special costumes lately.
  • The shirts are splitted into 4 instead of 2 categories now, so it’s less chaotic.
  • In the “dresses” category you can move your cursor over an item to learn about what it was inspired by (movies, celebreties, traditional clothes from certain countries,…). I plan to include this feature for the shirts as well, but want to wait for your feedback first.

I hope you enjoy the new features and clothes! If you like my work here at and want to see more updates you might consider to support it. There are many ideas for more updates in my head which wait for the chance to be inlcuded. :)


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